Thursday, March 31, 2011

what's for dinner? - burgers

i know, i've blogged the burger thing here on domestic sensualist before, so this isn't exactly news. however, this week is about what we're really eating for dinner, and last night, it was burgers.

a homemade burger is a most satisfying dinner. if you pile on enough tomatoes and greens and onions and cucumbers and avocado, you don't even need anything to go with it - meat, bread, veggies, bacon - it has something from all of the essential food groups. and although burgers can be a bit mundane, it doesn't take that much to step them up a notch.

500 grams of organic ground beef
3 cloves of garlic, minced
shake of fajita seasoning

mix the seasonings with the ground beef thoroughly, then form into patties. i make a fairly thin burger, mostly because i usually pile so much stuff on it that if the burger is also thick, i've got issues. plus, a thin burger gets done faster, so you fast track your time from stove to table.

do try to buy (or make, if you're ambitious) some posh buns (a harder crust italian one or a focaccia) instead of normal hamburger buns. it tastes better, but it also makes the everyday seem less mundane.

we always have avocado in some form with our burgers - either sliced or as guacamole - its green butteriness is just the perfect complement to the garlicky beef.

the burger above has a bit of a sesame dressing from a japanese place drizzled over it, but use what you've got around the house - a zingy citrus olive oil, some teriyaki, salsa, whatever's in the cupboard.

everybody likes a burger, so it's a great way to feed the family when inspiration lags.


Lisa-Marie said...

THIS looks epic. Carefully considered flavours too.

THink I might do these for tea instead of our traditional roast for the husband and I tomorrow! I want to eat them NOW but we have vegetarians staying over :)

Char said...

i love burgers! yum


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