Friday, January 22, 2010

In a rut

The pot is empty; the cupboard is bare.
Frankly, I'm in a rut here.

The other night, it was just me and my older daughter for dinner -- so I decreed that we would eat left-overs.
(Mostly I was being thrifty, although I do admit that there was some small measure of laziness involved.)

There is nothing to eat, she wailed.
Not so, I countered.  We have chicken tortellini soup, lentil/bacon soup and bolognese sauce
But I've already eaten those millions of times, she said (with typical teenage exaggeration).  I'm sick of soup!  It doesn't even count as food anymore.

Although my daugther lost the battle, and eventually had to eat a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of chicken soup, I did (secretly) acknowledge that her complaint had some validity.  It's true; I do seem to be making too much soup these days.  I'm definitely in a cooking rut.

It's a January thing, I think.  First of all, I am sick of cooking after the Christmas excesses.  Second, I am sick of eating; nothing really sounds good.  Third, there is not much seasonal food around to inspire me.  We have all eaten our weight in clementines this winter, and I feel sort of jaded about most of the other produce.

I've signed up for a Thai cookery course this February, but meanwhile, I'm racking my brain as to what I can make for dinner tonight.

What's tasting good to you these days?


julochka said...

is that your refrigerator? mine hasn't been that empty since they day they delivered it. my bad. but i know what you mean about a rut. tho' i'm not allowed to make that much soup.

this week, i ordered a 3-meal box from my organic box delivery people - i get everything i need, including recipes, fresh produce, meat and things like coconut milk and organic soy sauce to make three meals. we did it last week too and they made more than 3, thus carrying us through the week soup-free. do you have such a service where you live? we've got lots of different ones in denmark, but i have a regular subscription to årstiderne (seasons) as it's called. they come every friday and they have a really good variety. it seems to help a bit.

Elizabeth said...

This is probably a virus because I have the same disease. No inspiration, no nothing. My fridge is as empty as yours. So tonight some potatoes and vegetable leftovers must fill our stomach. That is all it will do probably.

Let's hope we find some inspiration soon otherwise our families will starve while we try to find our cookingmojo again. LOL

Bee said...

J - Your organic box sounds way better than mine! I can't believe they even include the condiments.

p.s. Thanks for the cheery little orange Le Creuset. I AM going to make those beans this weekend.

Elizabeth - Let's go out to eat, shall we? I just ate a sad baked potato for lunch. Sigh.

ceecee said...

I was just propped up in bed with a stack of tear sheets from old cooking magazines looking for inspiration for this weekend. I'm craving culinary changes, too. (Even drinking tea instead of my usual morning coffee.) I'm craving citrus and coconut, a hot,spicy Thai soup, and something light and crispy. And I'd like a pastel colored Spa-type drink in the afternoon, served in an unusual shaped glass. Wonder where I'll get all that? Too busy to cook!

Your Thai cooking class sounds like fun. That's a cuisine I haven't tackled yet, but would like to.


Char said...

I have a good twist on the italian - i made it last night and we really enjoyed the change.

chicken parm!

flattened chicken breasts - dredged in eggs and crumbed. tender fried in olive oil (just a bit to crisp it up)

topped with a bit of marinara sauce and shredded parm. baked for 30 minutes (to tender) and then topped with mozzerella cheese (back in the oven a bit to melt/brown the cheese)

served over noodles with some more of the sauce.


kristina said...

Oh I know just how you feel. I'm going through the same phase here. I'm so glad I'm not the only one, but of course this means I have no good ideas to pass on!

K x

Lynn said...

All I can say here is "Oy--I feel your pain." I, too, feel the post holiday binge crash. Our fridge, unfortunately, isn't as empty and clean as yours. But it's full of jars of things: Sauces, condiments, leftovers that are probably unidentifiable, salad dressings...who knows what. There is really nothing THERE, but it's packed. How is that? I like julochka's organic box service. No such thing in my town, more's the pity.

Hot dogs, anyone?

Unknown said...

Your Thai cooking course sounds exciting!

Nimble said...

It's a good time for cabbage (you can hear the excitement). I make a ginger slaw that would wake the dead I think. Grated cabbage, apple and carrot with a tart sweet ginger root dressing. That's what I'm hungry for. Doesn't sound like a complete family meal unfortunately.

Jane Doe said...

Tis the season for cooking apathy...I'm having pizza delivered.

TBM said...

I volunteer to be your Thai cooking course guinea pig ;-)

I just made cookies and realized I haven't been doing enough baking these days.

Anne said...

If I'm in a rut, it's a rut that's different from yours, because chicken tortellini soup, lentil/bacon soup, and bolognese sauce sound lovely! Of course, I'm not doing a lot of cooking these days, so homemade anything sounds pretty good.

But a Thai cooking course! Lovely! I hope you'll share some of what you learn.


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